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:Al Ahmadi
1.Al Ahmadi
Continent : Asia
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Information about Kuwait

Kuwait is once again the prototypical oil state, and travellers looking for a relaxed entry into the Muslim world can look forward to wandering around mosques, souks and other sandy traces of bygone Bedouin days.

In the early 17th century Kuwait was known as Qurain (or Grane), from the Arabic words Qarn (a high hill) and Kout (a fortress). Some historians believe that Barrak Bin Ghuraif, Sheikh of the Bani Khalid tribe, built Kuwait in Grane and that since then the city has been referred to by its present name.

The total area of the State of Kuwait is 17,818 sq km. Most of the mainland is a flat sandy desert gradually sloping towards sea level in the east. It is broken by shallow depressions and low hills, which form a ridge at Jal Al-Zor (145 metres above sea level), cut by the Umm Al-Ramam Wadi. The area is locally known as Ghodai, meaning a hill. The southern part of Kuwait is generally flat, with the exception of Ahmadi hill which is 137 metres above sea level.

The Kuwaiti mainland, with no mountains, rivers or other natural features, was for a long time a transit area for nomadic tribes and caravans. Such freedom of movement made delineation of borders rather difficult. On July 7, 1965, a neutral zone was created between the State of Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The northern part of the partitioned zone is administered by Kuwait, whilst the southern part is the administrative responsibility of Saudi Arabia. The crude oil extracted from the partitioned zone is equally shared by both countries.

Due to the location of Kuwait in the Sahara geographical region, the weather of the country is characterised by long, hot and dry summers and short, warm and sometimes rainy winters. Dust storms almost always occur with a rise in humidity during summer.

Since ancient times, Kuwait has served as the gateway to the Middle East because of its geographical location. Kuwait has drawn upon the accumulated wisdom of countries around the world to power its own growth. In a few decades, after the discovery of oil, a nation of fishermen and traders has transformed into one of the richest and developed nations in the world -- offering state-of-the-art amenities, secure infrastructural facilities and technical excellence -- and is respected around the world.

Kuwait's wild plant-life is one of its unique natural heritages. Plants are adapted to survive in the harsh conditions and extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, they suffered under the intense pressure caused by grazing, collection of fuel, etc.

Kuwait is home to numerous species of insects, animals and birds. Among the diverse insects the most attractive group is that of butterflies. Several beautiful varieties are found here and the best time to see them is spring.

The State of Kuwait has always paid special attention to the preservation of its culture and heritage by maintaining monuments and preserving artefacts and historical documents. The National Museum is one of the 50 locations where these are housed. The destruction caused by the Iraqi troops created a heightened awareness among the people about the need to preserve and resurrect the art and craft of Kuwait. The new architecture of the city, which combines modern design with traditional art, reflects this awareness.

Kuwait has a large variety of customs and traditions, and this gives rise to a colourful and extensive culture, reflected in the Diwaniya, the Bedouin traditions and Al Sadu weaving. The people of Kuwait also have special love for the arts, be it literature, theatre, music, dance, films or contemporary art. The National Council of Culture, Arts and Literature (NCCAL); The Free Art Studio and The Kuwaiti Society of Formative Artists are promoting the visual arts in Kuwait.

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